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absc-ond asked: is he really in a porno?

No, lol. He was in a showtime series called ‘Look.’

It didn’t last long, but as I’m sure you know with HBO, Showtime and those channels, they’re not exactly pure, sexually speaking. Dick was never seen.

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Okay so I really need help guys!


I need to come up with a sequence of events for my photography assignment. It’s staged so what I need is 6 photos of something that leads up to a climax
The best example I can give is this guys make dinner, there’s two plates and he’s pouring wine, a girl who has a key comes in, wants to thank him by doing dirty things and he looks nervous
Finally the last photo is of the guy, the girl angry and another guy that’s in their bed
Can be funny, silly and like a bait and switch. I’m at a loss for what to do :/

It needs to be of people :(
And it has to be like significant jumps in time. Like can’t be at a door, the hand on knob then inside
We don’t need the hand on the doorknob

HELP!!!! D:

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enjoythedamnsilence asked: is that really colton? the one where he is bed with another woman? if it is him where can i find it?

What are you talking about?

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makesmefeellikedancing asked: bless you and your blog <3

thank you!

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personal help, please!!

so, i need some ideas for my photography project again :\

the subject is ambiguity & decisive moment
decisive moment is simple: i wait for the money making shot thats just amazing and that’s two shots (i have one)

ambiguity is a bit harder: 4 photos total, 2 are spontaneous, where you look at the photo and it takes a while before you understand what you’re seeing. the other two are staged where it’s like forced perspective (like the people holding up the leaning tower of pisa)

i’d appreciate any help. i’ve had an awful week and it’s due thursday :\

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(via calins)

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Arriving at Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekNYC | 2.6.14
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Arriving at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
NYC | 2.6.14